About Jessica

Hello & Welcome!

I am a Toronto-based portrait and wedding photographer who has been photographing professionally for fourteen years (yikes!). I received my BFA in Photography Studies from Ryerson University and immediately upon graduation, I launched my business. Portrait and wedding photography is about capturing the personality of the person in the image. My goal in my images is to seize the essence that makes you an individual. My images are full of life and love. I want them to bring a smile to your face.

So what the heck is lifestyle photography? Is this a new buzz word that is out there in this wacky world that we are living in? Well, sort of. Kind of. To me lifestyle photography is capturing what is real and true to life. I like to say that I photograph real people in real situations and that is what brings more feeling to my images. Whether it be a corporate headshot, an editorial image, a family portraits or a wedding photo – I want the resulting capture to be authentic to life.

When I am not busy photographing all of you wonderful people, I spend my time with my husband Josh. We love to travel the world and to check out all of the cocktail bars on the way. (Check out our website Bartender Atlas for further proof of this!) I try to live my life to the fullest and sure do have a lot of fun doing so.

Please check out the videos below to see me in photography action! Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes


Time Flies!

Time Flies! My niece and I over the years. Yes, documenting your kids is important.


You can see more images from the Brennan’s family session here.

You can see more images from Leah & Quinn’s engagement portrait session here.

A note about colour: I like to keep the colours in my images as close to real life as possible. I like vibrant colours and true black & whites.  I tend to stay away from trends in terms of how the colours in my photographs are treated. I do this because I want my images to be timeless and because I want you to love your photos now, as well as twenty years from now.