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Suzanne Alyssa Andrew of Biograflyer

I feel the same about having proper portraits done as Suzanne feels about having a proper biography written about yourself: it is so very important! And this is why she started her company Biograflyer. If you are a working professional, it’s important to have something professionally written about yourself that describes just who you are,…

Lifestyle Portraits of House & Hook

The beautiful thing about traveling is the people that you meet along the way. In January we spent nearly five weeks in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, which is one of our most favourite places in that country. While we were there, we met a family from Toronto who were living there for four months. They were…

Lifestyle Portraits of Shawna Turner

I love doing lifestyle portrait sessions. Sessions that aren’t about getting the perfect-smiling-at-the-camera portrait and instead are about documenting people as they are, doing what it is that they do. Shawna Turner is one of those magical people and you just know it when you meet her. She is full of so much knowledge and…

Reena of kisii handmade

More than a decade ago, I met Reena thanks to this camera of mine. It’s one of those incredible by-products of being a portrait photographer. This camera gives you access to the lives of others and sometimes through that access, friendships form. This is what happened when I met Reena oh so many years ago….

Portraits: The Women of MISFITSTUDIO

As a photographer, I am constantly thinking about creating images and those images are usually portraits. Recently I had the honour of photographing all of the teachers of Toronto’s MISFITSTUDIO. We had a vision for the resulting images and it makes my heart soar knowing that we created it. The goal was to create real…

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