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Madison van Rijn at La Palma, Toronto

I recently had a little editorial portrait session with the incredibly talented Madison van Rijn. If you live in Toronto, you have definitely seen her work. For this session, La Palma was the obvious choice for location as the beautiful walls are her creation. The artist fits perfectly into her environment, naturally.

Editorial Portraits | Amber J

I am a sucker for abandoned spaces. I love photographing in them. I love the raw and grittiness of the space that then contrasts with the beautiful person that I place into it. I am a sucker for light. It inspires me. It evokes emotions. It is written on my arm as a constant reminder….

A Good Book Drive in Toronto

I am a big fan of reading and always have been. I think that it’s an important part of life and when I meet a person who tells me they have never read a book, I feel confused. I remember being read to as a kid and I remember how my imagination grew from hearing…

Photography for Misfit Studio

About a month before my own wedding, I discovered Misfit Studio. It was through Loversland that I took the plunge and started taking classes there. Loverland and Misfit had partnered up for Sunday morning yoga classes geared towards brides to help them mentally (and physically) prepare for their wedding. After my first class at Misfit,…

New Portraits on Sweet Potato Chronicles

The lovely ladies at Sweet Potato Chronicles have launched their new website and in one word it is INCREDIBLE! I first met Ceri and Laura many years ago when they were fancy fashion editor/writers. Once they started having kids, their life focus changed and as a result, they left those lives to launch (and live out!)…

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