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Ezra is One Year Old!

I love when my clients have babies and invite me to come along and document them again! Steph and Jacob got married in 2011 and what a wild ride it has been since then. Just short of their first anniversary, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has documented that journey since then at Pass...

Growing Families | Seven Month Old Marlowe

This is my fourteenth year as a professional photographer. Fourteen years. Where did the time go?! One of the aspects that I take pride in the most is my loyal clients who invite me into their lives throughout all of their milestones. It warms my heart and it reminds me just why I have dedicated...

Max | Six Months Old

From the minute that I arrived at Max’s home, he was ON – just ready to be photographed! At six months old, this li’l man is full of life and all of the expressions and I loved capturing them all.

Baby’s First Christmas

I love this time of year. While at times it is a bit chaotic, what I really love is that it is all about family. In our so-called busy lives, this is the one month a year where, miraculously, all family members find the time to get together and it is such a wonderful thing. The only...

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