Copyright & Sharing the Love!

As the creator of your images, I (Jessica Blaine Smith) own the copyright to them. You may use the photos for your own personal use, whether it be printing them (if you have purchased the digital files to do so) or posting them online on Facebook, etc.

You cannot distribute the photos to third parties (i.e. your florist, venue, make-up artist). If these third parties would like access to the photos, please refer them to me and I will happily give them watermarked images.


Sharing the Love!
The vast majority of my business comes from word-of-mouth thanks to fine people like you. I love social media and I love it if you post the images on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Just please please please, give credit to me whenever possible. A simple “Photo by Jessica Blaine Smith” will suffice. Even better is if you can include a link to my website – .

I am pretty good at this Internet thing and often find my images online without being credited. I appreciate you in helping me out when you can. I give my heart to my business and clients so this is a small thing that you can do for me in return.

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