Editorial | My Portraits in Money Sense Magazine!

Editorial Portraits | Jessica Blaine SmithWhen I am not busy photographing weddings and families, I am doing a lot of editorial and corporate portraits. When photographing for a magazine, it’s always fun to see how they end up using your photos. Here are some of my recent images that can found in the latest issue of Money Sense Magazine. The people that I photographed for the story are readers of the magazine so I think that it’s pretty cool that they ended up being in the article!Editorial Portraits | Jessica Blaine SmithEditorial Portraits | Jessica Blaine SmithEditorial Portraits | Jessica Blaine Smith

Jessica Blaine Smith

A Note About the Blog

Blogging used to be a big part of my photography business but as we are now in the era of Instagram, my focu s has moved there. Given that I have been working as a photography for a number of years, however, I wanted to keep my blog live for any of you who are looking for past posts.

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