Kid Portraits | Li’l K Turns Eight!

Kid Portraits | Jessica Blaine Smith

Today is my awesome niece’s eighth birthday! I always like to do a little blog post to celebrate her as I know that a lot of my regular blog readers have followed along with my photos of her over the years. I cannot believe that she is now eight. I still remember meeting her in the hospital when she was only an hour old. I had no idea then how much she would change my life. Li’l K is one of the kindest humans out there. She has a huge heart and is always ready for a good laugh. She is a fresh graduate of grade two and is currently conquering taekwondo, one belt at a time. At a recent open house at her school, her teacher told me that Li’l K is good at everything that she sets out to do. It was all I could do to not tear up. I am one proud Auntie. Happy Birthday, Li’l K!

Baby Portrait | Jessica Blaine Smith

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