Portraits of Lisa of This Beautiful Day in Los Angeles, California

This Beautiful Day | Jessica Blaine Smith

It seems as though it’s impossible for me to go on a trip – even when it’s purely for vacation – and not do a shoot! A couple of weeks ago we headed to California to attend a wedding in San Francisco. We made a stop in Los Angeles for a few days before the wedding to spend some time with our friends Lisa and Paul. Lisa runs the awesome blog This Beautiful Day. Since moving to California, she had not done new profile photos so I suggested that we do some while I was in town. She needed some portraits of her in that beautiful California light to really showcase where she is at. We wandered the canals of Venice and I love the portraits that came out of it.This Beautiful Day | Jessica Blaine SmithThis Beautiful Day | Jessica Blaine Smith

Jessica Blaine Smith

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Blogging used to be a big part of my photography business but as we are now in the era of Instagram, my focu s has moved there. Given that I have been working as a photography for a number of years, however, I wanted to keep my blog live for any of you who are looking for past posts.

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