Portraits FAQ

What are your rates?
My portraits begin at $450. You are creating a heirloom for your family by investing in professional photography and these are images that will last for generations. On average, my clients spend between $800 and $1500 on their session through the many prints and products that I offer.

Where will my session take place?
We will work together to decide on what location would best suit what you are envisioning for your final images whether that be your home or another location.

What do I get when I book you for a portrait session?
The session fee includes my time and talent as well as a print credit that can be used towards any prints and products that I offer. These range from canvas prints, custom-designed albums, folios, cards and custom watercolour prints. My fingers touch every moment of the process from the image making to the processing to the designing. I do everything and because of this, what you order is customised exactly for you.

What is your image quality?
I photograph with Canon 5D Mark III cameras. They are 22 megapixel full-frame cameras – that’s a lot of pixels! The images are high quality and can be printed at 30″ x 40″ and bigger without losing image quality. Sure, your iPhone may take nice photos of your kids but have you ever actually printed any of those images larger than 8″ x 10″? I deliver quality images that are going to last.

I really like the vintage, yellow-coloured images that I see everywhere on Pinterest. Can you do that to my photos?
While images with that kind of post-treatment look great now, they will look dated in a couple of years. I like to keep the colours in my images as close to real life as possible: whites should be white, blacks should be black and colours should be vibrant. I tend to stay away from trends in terms of how the colours in my photographs are treated. I do this because I want your images to be timeless and because I want you to love your photos now, as well as twenty years from now.

Do you use props?
My style of portraiture is to avoid using too many props. I want to photograph babies as babies without the distraction of unnatural poses and overly stylised outfits. To me, these things take away from the main focus of the portrait: your child. For newborn portraits, I do bring cloth to swaddle the baby in. Other than that, I will photograph your child as they are. I do love it, however, when parents bring a favourite toy or any special outfit or accessory to make the portraits more personal.

Your photos are great but my child is not a perfect “smile for the camera” kid. How will you get good photos of them?
No child is perfect and while what you often see are the great shots, it takes lots of not-so-great ones to get that perfect portrait. This is why I showcase “outtakes” in my Kids Will Be Kids gallery. These images show real life and I love them for that. I will work my hardest to bring out the best in your child during the portrait session. My goal is to let their personalities shine.

What should we wear to the session? Can we change outfits?
I love it when clients bring multiple outfits so that we can change up the look of the portraits. When you confirm a session with me, I will send you a PDF that has tips for how to prepare for your session. On that PDF, I let you know what you should wear and what you should do before your session to be ready for it.

What ages are best to have photographed?
All of them! Generally for babies, they are best photographed as a newborn, six months old (or when they are first starting to sit up) and a year old. Otherwise, I recommend getting a yearly update of family portraits, especially between the ages of one and six since they change so much during that time.

Do you have any references?
You bet! As you scroll through my portrait gallery, you will see the same families pop up. This is because the same clients come to me time and time again to be photographed. I will happily give you some contacts of past clients who have given me permission to do so.

How far in advance should I book you?
As soon as you are ready to book, please let me know! My weekends, especially in the nice summer months, get booked up quite quickly. Weekday afternoons have more flexibility.

How do I book you?
I require a 50% retainer to confirm any booking. For this, I will email you an invoice. I accept all forms of payment: cheque, cash, email money transfer and credit cards. As soon as I receive your retainer, you are officially in my calendar!

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