Baby’s First Christmas

Baby's First Christmas

I love this time of year. While at times it is a bit chaotic, what I really love is that it is all about family. In our so-called busy lives, this is the one month a year where, miraculously, all family members find the time to get together and it is such a wonderful thing. The only thing that can make this time of year even better is having a new member of the family to celebrate with! Baby’s first Christmas! I recently went to Finnegan’s home to capture him at three weeks old. I love documenting families at their home when everything is so new. Those quiet and precious moments don’t last forever so it’s important to have images of them. (And yes, we had to do the classic baby-with-stocking portrait!)Baby's First ChristmasBaby's First ChristmasBaby's First ChristmasBaby's First ChristmasBaby's First ChristmasBaby's First Christmas

Jessica Blaine Smith

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Blogging used to be a big part of my photography business but as we are now in the era of Instagram, my focu s has moved there. Given that I have been working as a photography for a number of years, however, I wanted to keep my blog live for any of you who are looking for past posts.

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